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Originally Posted by Julia Karmic Astrology View Post
Just a few thoughts:

I cannot speak at length about Eastern based astrology, but I am aware of some of the similarities and differences between it and Western based Karmic Astrology. My sense of this is based upon only basic Vedic astrology training and the type readings conducted by my Vedic astrologer friends. I have also had quite a few clients from India, etc. and have come to understand their view and expectations of astrology.

Certainly some of the Vedics/Chinese specialties are free to chime in, and correct my understanding if need be. I should add that karmic astrology also has similarities and sharp differences with Western astrology.

One difference is that the natal chart in Eastern tradition seems to be more of a fated life script, life events pre-ordained, etc. Life seems to have more of a set in stone feel to it, and the natal chart is examined in detail prior to major life decision making. Good friends of mine, from the East, were not permitted to marry because of a conflict between their natal charts.

In Western karmic astrology, the emphasis is upon free will, not fated life scripts. We can see the astrological energy in charts, but free will determines how that energy will be used. In that way, karmic astrology is much less predictive than the eastern traditions.

Another difference is that Karmic Astrology is less reward/punishment focused, but more about learning, growth and opportunity. Yes we bring back patterns from past lives, strengths and weaknesses, not for punishment, but for a chance to learn and grow. Life on Earth is not a picnic; we are here for a reason.

In Karmic Astrology we believe that each soul chooses his natal chart; the exact moment and place of birth is deliberately chosen prior to birth. The natal chart is seen as beautiful, perfect and as it should be for the maximum growth opportunity for each incarnation. You can see how this more positive view is quite different from western astrology as well. I am truly shocked by how many people post a reading request on this forum stating that they are terrified of their charts and are “doomed.”

I see the natal chart as a gift from God or the Divine, it is a sacred document. Therefore it is treated with the respect and appreciation it deserves. This attitude is shared with the Eastern tradition, not so much with Western Astrology.

I should also say that I am not quite satisfied with calling myself a karmic astrologer, perhaps spiritual or soul astrology is a better fit. But most people are more used to the term karmic astrologer.

Hi Julia ,
Thank you for your insight !!

In my opinion,fate and free will are one and the same thing.
The type of energies given to you is 'fate'. How you use the energy is 'free will'.

Regarding the point related to arranged marriages in Eastern philosophy- it just makes things easier. Even if you choose your mate of your own free will, the energies that you attract will be those energies fated for you. That is why people generally tend to attract the similar type of lovers of again and again.
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