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Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation


YODS are amazing and 7th House Gemini Moons are uh... delightful, faery-like, empathetic, therapeutic, and TELEPATHIC.

You are very Mercurial and Hermes is very magical energy, and smart. But can be confusing until you consecrate. Imagine a big radio satelite sending and receiving. Needs to get aimed at and tuned into the correct spot on the dial. How?

Just ask. Gemini Moons need to harness their minds via mantra or affirmations of truth. "Everything is always in perfect timing and I am being shown my next step."

Repeat truths like this to yourself as constantly as you can. When you start to go into fear, remind yourself everytime, "I joyfully choose Love over Fear, truth over false beliefs..."

As always with your T Squared scope, think Pisces 4th house. Prayer works. Meditation is good. Listening to music that inspires you is good. Working with angels is fun.

I will get much deeper into your YOD, after I get through talking about your T Square.

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