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Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation

First I want to say, "Welcome to your Jupiter Return!" It is an end of a 12 year cycle and the beginning a a new 12 year cycle of your Ruling Planet. The Sage Rising tribe are global citizens here to culture bridge and have a good time.

I've been meaning to ask further about my Jupiter return. One thread on here said to reflect on where I was 12 years ago, and see what things are similar to what's occurring now. Being I was 12, that's a little hard. However, that timing WAS when I originally moved to Tennessee, and dealt with a lot of depression (adolescence, hormones, adjustment to move). I have to say, with moving back to Tennessee weighing so heavily on my mind these days, and having a lot of let downs from those around me/plans falling through, it's been a struggle staying in a positive mood! It's been taking a lot of mental override to handle the stress.

This house I JUST moved into, is now no more. The girl I moved in with, lost her job, so she can no longer afford it. I understand it's obviously not fun for her either, I feel bad for her, too. This does, however, bring me right back to being on my parents' couch. :/ And unsure of where to go now. Every plan I keep trying to establish in terms of moving in this area I live now, seem to keep failing. And none of them being of my own fault. I asked on a thread on here if moving back to Tennessee was a bad idea, and apparently my chart says moving out of state is a bad idea??? I feel lost in this mess.

What do you think this Jupiter return might be trying to tell me? The moving inconsistencies being present in both instances is kinda odd.

Despite the beginning of that Jupiter cycle being not so great, it did turn into one of the years I always reflected on fondly. I used to make references to that year alllll the time, how much I wanted to relive the good memories that came out of it. So that's giving me some hope that maybe it starts rough, but it'll get to being great...I hope. Lol.

With a Gem-am-I Moon - ahhhh - in the 7th House - AHHHHH - at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!

Would this be a positive or negative thing?

Remember you must WORK this 4th House missing leg. The 2nd, 10th and 8th Houses in the T Square are where so many of your powerful archetypes live. With Squares, they will DO YOU if you try to ignore them. They require energy of you and scheduling too - easy to forget the 4th House, but not the others.

What ways would be some possible strengths with my 10th and 8th houses?

Saturn in 2nd conjunct Uranus and Neptune makes your FEAR (and others born with this conjunction's fear) quazar and spooky - as a kid particularly. All your Mutable mental energy can dream up the worse scenes so quickly.

Sooo true.

On the other hand, you can experience GRACE, connect with Light Beings, experience prosperity miracles as a normal thing and get that you are being BLESSED moment to moment.[

I am finding this to be the case in recent times. Seems like an answer to a problem keeps presenting itself. Only problem is, a lot of these answers, like the home issue being the BIGGEST of this puzzle, are only VERY brief/temporary, or not panning out, period. Financially, however, I've been blessed the past couple of years. Blessed, more so recently, not with having an overabundance, but having solutions when the panic starts setting in, lol.

I feel like even though I'm addressing my spiritual, mental, physical issues (learning astrology, meditating, A LOT of school, working out), I somehow feel very unbalanced. How is that possible?

Sorry, for writing you a book, by the way.
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