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Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation

Hi VirGem89!

I am still using you as the best ever example of the trickiness and amazing potentials of T Squares. I'm asking your Grandma to help me teach astrology - why not?

So far I have discussed shooting the arrow planet energy- at the apex of any T Square - into the missing leg. We started with shooting your Mutable 10th House Virgo Sun into 4th House Pisces! Sun energy is very important, so we dealt with just the Sun first and this produced a powerful 4th House spiritual experience for you, and the rest of us too. It involved a recent ancestor of yours, your dead, yet very alive and well, Pisces Grandma.

Now we are going to experiment with the Cardinal T Square energy, shooting apex planets Mercury and Mars in Libra into your late 4th House Aries realm.

Now being young and moving to new places is Aries 4th House energy anyway! No matter how small your space, you can create a little altar (Pisces 4th House) and put a flame or light on it or splash of red (Aries).

Try reading and watching Aries adventure books and videos in your little room. Real life adventures about explorers and warriors and heros, and/or fantasy - anything with Knights. And put yourself on intellectual (Mercury) and active Quests (Mars) and explore your new neighnorhoods, looking for clues to the nature of your new worlds.

Remember that Aries actually rules your 5th House, so look for Aries ways to self express and have fun. Ever gone kayaking or mountain climbing?

Notice that we are still dealing with the very simple and KEY acts of energizing the missing leg of a T Square to pop open the super powers innate in T Squares. We have not even considered yet the other arm of the T Square, an opposition/marriage between your Generational Capricorn Whiz Bang stellium and your Generational Chiron and Jupiter in Cancer! We have not yet spoken about how you are in your Jupiter Return and Pluto in the Sky is on your Cap. stellium - well actually this whole thread is about that!

Just saying we are only halfway through our discussion on Snappy T Squares, so buckle up.

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