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Re: What placements can make a person talented at many things?

Originally Posted by Forgotten Warrior View Post
Gemini makes sense,but Leo?Probably because it's Aquarius' opposite?
No, not because of Aquarius opposite. I relate it through people that I have met and stories I've heard.

One of it, a youtuber shared her experience of meeting a Leo, he excelled in sports aiming to go olympic, can sing, can play music instrument. He is multi talented.

Then I know a Leo sun guy myself, he can play guitar, can sing, edit videos, heading to film industry to make movies, good at language.

Or should I include myself? cause I have sun Leo and moon Gemini, I am a restless piece of ****, haha. but I don't want to look like I am bragging here so I will keep it to myself, hehe.

I think other signs like Sag is talented too but many talents? I am not so sure, but at least 2, yeah. I know 2 Sag sun that are pretty good at sports and good at art.

Aries too? a girl and a guy. They are so competitive. Girl good at studies and art. Guy good at sports and language.

But my answer is simple just base on signs... hopefully someone can give more info.
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