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Re: Saturn: is it easier to deal with him as you age?

I have a mystic rectangle and feeling as if life passes with no improvement
So it's a Mystic Rectangle thing.... Saturn is innocent

With the force that Saturn gives you in an area of your life, it gives you a chance at becoming very familiar with this area of life because of the stubborn nature of it and your need to persist. Do you see what I mean?
Saturn says "it will not gonna happen whatever you do.... you're doomed"

And as my age advances.... I feel less chance to make something happen regarding that life area. Actually I feel steered away from that life area by my fate. Especially after my first Saturn Return.

And my Saturn is intercepted... So there are three different signs in that particular house which means lot of lessons must be learned there. But I'm 35 now and I am at the starting line..... Light years from people of my age group.
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