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Re: Venus is Scorpio overrated?

I just saw this and I feel the need to debunk stuff that are not true:
This "The Venusian Scorpio is one who searches for a long-standing relationship and will never engage in ephemeral one-night stands or adventures, no matter what the other looks or." <-- What? did you just say 'never'? Lol, you must be kidding me. So not true! Who says venus in scorpio is not one-night standers, lol. One guy friend I know, played one night stand like there is no tomorrow, lol. And my bro has a stellium in 8th house scorpio including his venus. He played one night stands too *roll eyes*. The thing is, once my bro gets into a real relationship then he is in for the long haul, very deep, heavy and serious. These venus in scropio is definitely capable of doing one night stands, lol.
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