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Re: Did i find my future husband?

Me, too-- but then again, please think about this.

Immigration to the US is extremely difficult. From Canada you don't need a visa to go there as a tourist, but then they don't want you staying longer than 6 months, at least not without applying for an extension. Then your provincial health care coverage expires if you're out of the country for more than six months in a given year. Your travel health care coverage will be linked to your provincial coverage. If you got sick or injured in the US, treatment is super expensive on your own dime.

Your legal US citizen spouse can apply for you to get a green card (as the spouse of a US citizen,) but then there is no guarantee that you would get it within a reasonable time frame. You cannot work legally in the US without a work permit or special visa before then.

I think the horary chart is telling you something with that moon square Saturn-- alongside your ability to really think through the consequences of your actions.

Frankly, if you two really hit it off, he would have an easier time of immigrating to Canada.
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