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Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Isn't it just time to take a deep breath, and get your bearings again after your disappointment with your university application? You know nothing about this man other than what he is willing to put forward on an Internet site-- which can be bogus information. Do you know anything about his country? As a housewife, would you be stuck at home in a place where you don't know the customs or even the language? Think about what it would be like, in this day and age, to have no independent income-- even to buy a plane ticket back home-- and possibly no means of getting any money if you need a work permit and cannot get one.

You are symbolized by the sun. He's Mr. Saturn. The sun does apply to a trine with Saturn but before it gets there the sun perfects its aspects with Mars and Venus, which are currently combust the sun. The moon's next aspect is a square with Saturn, casting doubt on your actual compatibility.

Maybe this is a good time to think through what you really want for yourself within a few year's time. Your medium-term goal might be best forwarded with something like getting a part-time job now if you do not have one already, and taking a few courses at a 2-year college, prior to applying to another couple of universities during their next admissions cycle. Just a thought.
itís the states where he is, im in Canada
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