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Did i find my future husband?

I know i was disappointed about my career and school, had enough of setbacks in life after 4 years of trying to go to school and get a career, so i went online, looking for guys who wanted housewives and stuff. and i found a couple, but now im talking to one i really really like, and i feel like i found my future hubby... he also said he wanted someone serious to marry, and he lives in a foreign country, but willing to fly me over!

so i see me (sun) and mars (foreign country) in applying conjunction and trining him and both applying 2 him (saturn rx).

but worried about neptune cj nessus in his house opposing me (Sun)... a deceptive abuser or a liar? esp with the horary moon applying sq to saturn (he is in moon detriment, but moon is in his exaltation) ... but neptune rules his 2nd and in his 1st (he has a great job) but might be problem with his finance (chiron in his 2nd) yet his 2H traditional ruler is at home, in his 10th (my 4th), hmmm..
moon also will square pluto (my modern 4th ruler, issues with family)... ****

Uranus modern 7th ruler is in taurus 9th house (he has money), separating trine with sun and mars... but Juno (marriage) trine and applying to Uranus and applying to me by conjunction (sun)...

also lately ive been having a weird feeling that im gonna get pregnant soon.. our 5th rulers square... lol (mercury sq jupiter)

Chart -

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