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Re: Has Astrology Lost You Friends?

I'm fairly open about my interests in this kinda stuff. lol

Like at work, we were joking about superlatives and who would get what title for our hypothetical yearbook. lol Other people got most likely to give away a shift, or most likely to ask for a shift and I got most likely to ask for someone's birth date, time and place. hahaha

A lot of my coworkers are open to hearing about astrology and tarot, etc. and find my enthusiasm endearing. Some are skeptical, but like to ask me questions and then tease me affectionately about how I think very differently. One of my coworkers likes to say 'oh I do this because...' and starts listing off star-related gibberish. haha

Several of my coworkers ask me for tarot readings and one recently asked me to go to a cemetery with her on a full moon to read her tarot. lol I'm not sure I'm down for such an activity, but I'd say astrology and tarot hasn't lost me friends, but rather gained me quite a few acquaintances.
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