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Re: Understanding Leos and Leo energy.

ElenaJ is a really good horary astrologer. She doesn't deserve insults from anyone, let alone from someone uninformed about astrology's complexity.

Cary2, thanks for your research!

The trouble is, the19thlaw, that you're not going to get much about human nature or astrology if you persist in reducing astrology and human beings to their sun-signs.

Horoscopic astrology has been in practice for 2000 years. Only relatively recently and due to a popular appetite for schlock psychology, did it focus on the sun-sign and only the sun-sign. Linda Goodman's 1968 book Sun-Signs , although funny and often insightful, did serious astrology a major disservice, because she reinforced the mistaken idea that people neatly divide into sun signs.

Astrologically, Mars represents anger, not the sun. Two signs are ruled by Mars: Aries and Scorpio (traditional ruler.) As a house cusp ruler or sign ruler, Mars can rule a lot of other planets. So we don't want to confuse different planetary signals.

It makes a difference whether a sun Leo has Mars in Scorpio or in Pisces.

The house makes a big difference. People with their sun in the 8th or 12th house tend to be very private, other chart factors being equal.

My sister is a sun Leo. I don't have her birth time, so I can't place its house, but note that she is not out-there-flamboyant, but her home is modest yet beautifully decorated. She is a gourmet cook, and appreciates doing small things with flair. I would describe her as a true homebody, with her home as her castle. As a homebody, she's hardly a snob, looking out for connections with more influential people! She has a few close long-term friends (loyalty being a Leo trait) and family members.

This is very different from solar Leos like Bill Clinton-- or Barack Obama-- sun Leos who led highly public lives.

A wounded Lion is more apt to (metaphorically) retreat to his den and lick his wounds. For this reasons, Leos surprisingly can benefit from a lot of down time to recharge.

I might suggest you drop the sardonic "19th law" business for a while. I think it's getting in the way of your understanding astrology above a newspaper column level; and it's not doing much for your insights into people.
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