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Re: Looking for career advice based on my chart - Please help!

Hey, thanks for taking the time to write this.

Originally Posted by Cary2 View Post
Craftsmanship was suggested due to the prominent Mars. Those who devote their lives to a certain activity, such as sculpture or landscape architecture, may have prominent Marses. Activity is squarely in the Mars domain. Arts and crafts are a relevant vocational activity, and the "crafts" part of "arts and crafts" is Mars.
All of that stuff sounds interesting, just don't have a talent in any of it...would have to do some more research, maybe some obscure thing unexplored as of now.

Originally Posted by Cary2 View Post
As to journalism, you have Midheaven at the Mercury/Pluto midpoint. That could be indicative of journalism, but it suggests that you tend more toward opinion and propaganda, which is not always in harmony with journalism. The Mercury/Pluto midpoint further suggests a teaching career, though a literary career is not out of the question -- that is, from the basis of my own astrological opinion. Others are available who will offer their own astrological opinions.
Propaganda, not so much, I despise that but I do tend to dig a lot and talk about unpopular truths that rub people the wrong way. Like in the states, my opinions on military, pharmaceutical companies, etc. tend to go against the thoughts of the majority and annoy people but it is based on things I've read and learned. Journalism, I think I would have a harder time seeing what the truth is and being silenced in regards to ability to report it since I am pretty sure journalists tend to be silenced if they tunnel down the wrong holes so to speak.

Originally Posted by Cary2 View Post

Mercury/Pluto further suggests sales or computer programming, but I feel it reinforces the teaching aspect.
Computers, love those but more in a nerdy way rather than practical way. I did learn HTML in a computer course in UNI.

Originally Posted by Cary2 View Post

reinforces the teaching aspect.

haha! Maybe I am just with the...wrong age.

Have a good weekend.

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