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Re: Looking for career advice based on my chart - Please help!

Disclaimer. I am assuming that the birth data is very accurate, but I know from experience that it may not be. If it is not, then this was a waste of time. Astrology only suggests tendency based on widely expressed tendencies. In terms of vocation, astrology cannot nullify or neutralize the market trends or economic practicalities involved in surviving financially. Where you lack a feeling of fulfillment, I think astrology offers valuable insights.

Your chart does not contradict a teaching career, but it is not limited necessarily. With Sun-conjunct-Saturn on the Midheaven, a difficult life is suggested. Please do not interpret this as being cursed. It is not like that. Many successful people have Sun conjunct to Saturn. It is not surprising that you will undergo crises that bring hardships. In fact, this conjunction suggests that nothing comes easy, and you do not count on luck. You are a self-made person, and your fulfillment depends on your sense of being self-made.

But there is another side to you and to your vocational options. At the midpoint of Ascendant and Midheaven is a Venus-Neptune conjunction. You have artistic talent, but you lack the drive and discipline artistically, so you may not pursue art. Music is the most likely form of art in this case. But this same conjunction can sometimes produce an impractical dreamer who is a burden. Thankfully, the strong Saturn contact will likely balance the less desirable side of the aspect. But there is a warning: the creative arts field is notoriously unprofitable for most of those who follow that direction.

I think you are a controlling and forceful person, and your vocational situation may be affected by this in a way that brings friction to your environment, but the Venus/Neptune emphasis will cause you to feel very unhappy with friction, or challenge for that matter. You hate a bad atmosphere, but you often drift toward challenge and friction. Others feel challenged by you, and you often feel challenged by others, but you also hate a bad atmosphere which is how a challenging atmosphere often feels. We all have contradictions in our charts, and they usually bring contradicting elements into our lives. Most people try to deny the contradictions, but it is better to work on managing them.

Some people born near your birth time might pursue engineering, military, craftsmanship, sportsmanship, activism, or politics. I think your lack of fulfillment is caused by your need to feel you are a leader or an authority. If you never achieve the leadership you crave, you can still come to terms as most people must regarding their vocational circumstances.

Your chart is challenging, and I suspect you will grow to embrace challenge. One of your strengths is the benefit that comes from team spirit and team activity.

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