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Re: Random Thoughts, strictly Text

Originally Posted by david starling View Post
I like the idea of a few day's trade, just to see what it's like. But, Moon in Pisces is Sense of Purpose, so if you traded it for Moon in Aqua, you'd get off-track temporarily. With Moon in Pisces, I'd probably go crazy for a while!
I'm cool with that. Detours can be fun. From my perspective double Pisces seem to handle their moons better than the rest of us. Don't know why!

Originally Posted by Chrysalis View Post
Someone can have my progressed scorpio moon if they want for the next 12 months ive got left. Can't wait to get some sagg vibes in my bones.
How long does a progressed moon last? Mine is in Scorpio now too, and it looks like it is until 2021. It's funny, I never felt like I had a Libra moon or any of the other moons along the way.
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