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Re: What is my manner/cause of death? What is my longevity?

I have looked at your natal chart, but will leave it to you to post it. Reading a natal chart for what you ask is a lot of work that you are asking astrologers to do for free. However, this is the first question of traditional astrology according to Ptolemy.

Assuming your birth time is accurate, I found the following. Your ascendant is at 18 degrees of Capricorn. Saturn in its fall is the ruler of the ascendant. The Sun rules the 8th whole sign house. The Sun is in its detriment in the second house but is conjunct Jupiter. This is a mixed situation for the Sun.

Using primary directions, advance the ascendant one degree for each year of life as recommended by C.E.O. Carter. At 3 degrees Scorpio the directed ascendant will be square the Sun and your age will be 75. This is a year of danger, but death if it happens, is from natural causes. Saturn is weak by sign position but strong by house position another mixed condition. Death could be by some fatal affliction of the bones or skin, but you can probably avoid it if you take care of yourself.

There are no other dangerous directions until you are over 100.
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