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Re: Indicators of the significant relationship in the Solar Chart

Then I went way back in the time machine to look at my parents' SR for the year they were married.

For my mother:

SR Ascendant is in natal 10th house

SR Sun exact conjunction with Venus and IC, trine SR Pluto, conjunct natal Mercury (natal Sun ruler). In natal 1st house

SR Mars/Saturn in 8th sextile Moon/Jupiter. Fell in natal 6th house.

Moon/Jupiter in the 10th SR, natal 8th house

Mercury in 3rd SR, natal 1st house

For my father:

SR Ascendant is in natal 10th house

Sun, Venus, Merc in 11th, in 8th and 9th (latter two) natally. SR Venus square Saturn, trine Uranus, SR Sun square SR Moon.

Grand Trine with Moon, Merc, and Neptune. Moon in 8th SR, 5th natal.

SR Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in 2nd, fall in 11th natal. SR Jupiter and Neptune in 4th, fall in 1st house in natal

Looking at many charts I'm noticing the prominence of the MC and 10th house. Perhaps because of the public nature of a wedding or engagement and the house's relation to one's reputation and position in life?
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