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Re: Indicators of the significant relationship in the Solar Chart

Originally Posted by tisha83 View Post
Thank you sibylline for your interest[...]I think this SR will be more breakup than engagement but I'm interested in your opinion.Thankx.
The SR looks okay but the transits don't look so good, I have to admit.

So I have with a few more examples:

I think the first one is interesting. A friend, who married a few years ago, but was separated and divorced in three years:

SR Cancer Ascendant with Moon/Jupiter/Uranus/ conjunction near the MC, opposite Saturn and square Pluto - T-square

SR Ascendant is in natal 4th

SR Sun opposite Neptune/Chiron conjunction

SR Venus conjunct Mars sextile Neptune in 4th house, falls in 6th house in natal

His ex-wife, birth time unknown, so I will only mention the aspects:

Grand Cross between Saturn, Pluto, Moon, Jupiter/Uranus. SR Saturn conjuncts her Libra stellium.

SR Venus conjunct Mars sextile Neptune

SR Moon sextile SR Sun/Mercury
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