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Re: Indicators of the significant relationship in the Solar Chart

Interesting thread.

The year one of my best friends started the relationship she's in now, she had:
SR Moon conjunct SR DC
SR Moon trine SR Uranus
SR Saturn in the SR 5th house
SR Sun, AS, Jupiter and Mars in natal 5th house

Transit wise she had:
Saturn trine Mercury, her 5th house ruling planet
Uranus sextile Venus

Progressed Venus conjunct Mercury
Progressed Moon sextile Mercury
Progressed Moon sextile Mars

The heavy Mercury influence makes sense since her 5th house cusp is in Gemini and her SO is a Gemini. What I also found interesting is her transits, progressions and SR indicated love, but she has stressful aspects with her 7th house ruling planet, the Sun--indicating commitment will be hard to come from this relationship, which is exactly what's happened. She's in love with her SO but for various reasons he's not able/willing to commit to her the way she wants which is marriage.

I'm not in a relationship myself but I have multiple transits and progressions indicating I will begin one this year or in 2017 that could lead to marriage in 2018-9.

Uranus trine Venus
Saturn sextile Mars, my 5th house ruling planet
Saturn conjunct Venus
Jupiter conjunct Mars
Saturn sextile Mercury, my 7th house ruling planet

pSun sextile Mars
pVenus square Mars
pVenus sextile Sun
pMercury sextile Mars
4 additional progressions involving MC
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