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Re: Indicators of the significant relationship in the Solar Chart

Originally Posted by tisha83 View Post
Guys could you give me some your personal example of the concrete positions and aspects of planets, which you had in the Solar Return when you began important relationship, had marriage or fell in love with somebody? This is interestend me and for this I would be thankful you.
Okay, personal examples.

For the year I was engaged:

SR Venus conjunct Neptune square Jupiter, conjunct natal Venus.

Saturn and North Node conjunct the DSC. Saturn rules DSC natally.

Natal 7th house on the SR MC , Natal 10th house on the SR ASC.

Stellium in 11th house (all personal placements besides Moon). These planets fell in my natal 8th house.

Moon in 6th square Pluto.

Take what you will from that.
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