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Re: Forum natal chart

What a great chart for an astrology forum, with an Aquarian-Pisces emphasis and an air grand trine. And I can see why I was attracted here. No only do I have strong planet to planet aspects but the forum's Venus is within a degree conjunction of my MC with Jupiter only minutes away from an exact trine. Looks as if I'll be hanging around

Has anyone kept track of transits to the forum's chart and their manifestations? Some major ones are approaching: T Sat opp Sun then Saturn will oppose Mercury and square Moon. Should be interesting to see what happens. Maybe a decrease in posts and/or more serious topics. Also, it can reflect challenges that we, the forum participants, are experiencing since so many of us have strong planetary connections.

I've been wondering about Nablusi who wrote about his upcoming Saturn transits but hasn't posted for a while. His Sun opposes the forum's Mercury and his Mars is conjunct it's Moon. Hope he's alright.
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