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Nice Sun / Part of Fortune opposition!
... thanks <<:P >> Radu! for the forum chart.

1) Draco, your natal vertex cj sun sqares the forum's pluto -- whoa! --
that is, v e r y highlighted by
the coming cj with gc.....

We're glad you're here 8) and I reckon it's "fate" :P

2) My natal chiron cj forum's ASC
and my
natal Saturn (currently cj mysterious, tr Lillith) at 29 Leo
opposes the forum's SUN and cj the forum's Part of Fortune--

3) My Merc cj the forum's Descendant and moon.... interesting!

Here's a link that's not e x a c t l y on-topic,

but it just mysteriously appeared to me while I was doing research,

so I offer it here to the forum members

who may--or may not--find it


Thanks again, Radu, for the work
you do to create this forum!

...and, I'm looking forward to hearing from any members who

are going to be experiencing the coming eclipse on March 29th

from Europe, Egypt, Turkey....

*Truth is the Heart of our Sun*
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