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Smile Re: Solar eclipse on March 20...oh no, HELP!!!!!

Keep in mind that the Eclipse influences are not always immediate, but can last for up to 6 months before noticing a change. Much can change over that period of time. The Solar Eclipse can relate to the father, or changes to your own sense of Identity and autonomy which could cause changes in your relationship with him. It could relate to re-location, but not always in a bad way. The 4th House is the seat of the psyche as well, where all your memories and conditioning from the past reside; Saturn in the 1st H can cause you to re-visit some of those past circumstances for clarity and insight about yourself.
Mars currently transiting the 5th might suggest a new relationship coming into play, especially as it is moving towards the conjunct with natal Saturn just after the eclipse [repeating a two year cycle]. By August of this year you will also be undergoing Jupiter's return to it's own place in the chart, typically connected to new social or educational growth and expansion. As you can see one needs to look down the road a bit to see what other transits may be coming into effect in the coming months, as the Eclipse often does not stand alone. I wouldn't focus too much on a negative influence from the Eclipse as it could hold other variable ramifications of change in your life. Consider also that Uranus is coming together with your NN in the 5th, suggesting a potential meeting with some part of your destiny.
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