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Re: 6 Retrograde planets: how are you dealing with yours?

Erin Sullivan posits that it is the relationship between the retrograde and the sun (because it is the angle between the sun and the Rx planet that causes the planet to appear Rx) that determines how the retrograde is experienced.

@Chappygirl, her description of Mercury Rx made me think of our conversation. And you having Mercury Rx, I thought you might be interested? She says that in a retrograde, Mercury is between the Earth and sun "blinded by solar power." The will and ego struggle intensely, consciously and also unconsciously. "Rather than weakening the mind, the mind becomes a powerful resource of analytic stamina because it is inherently necessary for the individual to reason everything out." Then because the mind is constantly moving between ego control and exhaustion from having to reason things out continually, it is exercised far more than a Mercury direct placement and becomes powerful. "Often Mercury retrograde people have great mental endurance and the stamina for long and arduous projects involving research and inquiry."

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