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Re: What in someone's chart would make them generally attractive

Originally Posted by Yoi
Hmmm...Interesting discussion. What would people say about PoF in the 7th house? Or Moon-Saturn connections in women? Marilyn Monroe had that Moon-Saturn-Neptune T-square. Grace Kelly also had a Moon-Saturn square (Moon in Pisces, Saturn in Sag). Audrey Hepburn has Moon-Saturn as well, but it is a favourable connection (Sextile).

My personal opinion is, if Moon-Saturn does lead to beauty it would be a certain type of beauty which is remote and highly stylized.

I have Sun-square-Jupiter too and yes, I do have difficulties with weight.
I don't have that many examples of women of great beauty with either Sun or Moon ADVERSE Saturn. Sharon Stone has the square. Sophia Loren, with the Moon Saturn conjunct in Aquarius and Sun in Virgo. Marilyn of course. Princess Grace of Monaco, an immense beauty, had Moon square Saturn, as did Mae West, who was considered a beautiful tramp in the 40's. Lillie Langtry, the "Jersey Lilly", considered the most beautiful woman of her time also had the Moon Saturn square.

Of course we are talking about "sex-symbols" here so there is probably a lot more to attractiveness/good looks than I have outlined here. These are just a few points that I have observed.

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