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Re: What in someone's chart would make them generally attractive

Originally Posted by wayne penner
I have not noticed that the POF actually increases physical beauty although it never ocurred to me that it would have that effect on the ASC.
What this would say is that Sun/Moon conjunct is linked to beauty, since the POF is nothing but the distance between the Sun and Moon added to or subtracted from the AC.

So this would be very easy to "test". Anyone with the Sun and Moon exactly conjunct will have the POF on the AC.

Regardless, this would be only on factor out of many that might be considered.

I have never thought about Sun/Saturn in regard to looks (men), but it's at least an interest idea. Pacino, for instance, has Sun/Saturn conjunct, and although I would not think of him as "attractive" in the conventional sense, he has incredible magnetism of some kind, which may also have a lot to do with Pluto on the AC square to that conjunction.

What did women think of Pacino in his early "Godfather" days?

Another thing: being attractive is so much more than looks, and men with very strong personalities may seem very attractive, at least from a distance. I don't think I would like either Pacino or Nicholson, for instance. But on screen both project more power than any other actors I can think of, and they have often been considered for the same roles.

Nicholson, again, may have been considered very attractive, going back to his "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" days, and if we can believe his online chart (birth-time), Pluto is right on the AC. Same thing with Pacino.

I wonder if such aspects, because they project so much power, have a kind of "danger attracts" element to them.

So you have more examples of actors with Sun/Saturn aspects of the kind you described above?
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