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Re: What in someone's chart would make them generally attractive

Originally Posted by Yoi
wayne, I have Venus trine Mars (helped along with a dosing of trine Jupiter) and I am not that beautiful. Adolf Hitler had a very tight Venus conjunct Mars (though Venus was retrograde) both in Taurus and he wasn't very handsome.
I would say there is a difference between the journalistic term"attractive" and good looks. We've all met people who are physically gorgeous who frankly suck as people.
Attractiveness, in my opinion, is an ethereal condition that is not always esy to define, although good looks are. It is certain to my mind that Neptune plays a part, giving an indefinable charm with good aspects to Moon or Venus, and a favorable Uranus with Sun or Jupiter greatly enhances the personality. Planets in traditional exaltation give that "extra something" also.

Sun in favorable aspect to Luna is always attractive to the opposite sex, and Sun trine Jupiter, in women, is very appealing to men.

The best example I can think of is Mick Jagger, with Mars in Taurus trine Venus in Virgo. Jagger is hardly good looking by any stretch of the imagination, but obviously he is extremely attractive to women (perhaps a coupla hundred million in the bank enhances one's appeal though ...)

While Hitler was most certainly not good looking, although he was acceptable I suppose, he had an immense power of personality, probably due to the Moon/Jupiter trine Sun in the 7th.
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