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Re: House Meanings

Believe me when I tell you that I got no joy from "redecorating" as money was a big issue, nothing is where it's supposed to be and I haven't been able to use my studio since last no income from that source. I really could have done without it.

Anyway: looking at Celeste's chart. She is a very good astrological subject. She's SO dysfunctional.
Look at "children." Theoretically, she should have them, right? between the position and aspects.... BUT the KEY to "children" and "creativity" in her chart is really in the opposite house.
Or rather NOT. Uranus.

I happened to have known her before I saw her chart.... and I knew it was gonna be dramatic....and sure enough. That 4-7 square is really the key to her life. And the Moon issues.
Have to go.... no time today,
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