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Re: Aspects to Ascendant: Conjunctions and Parallels

Originally Posted by Kannon View Post
CHIRON at the Asc
creates a healer or teacher, .... The person may have maladies themselves ... making them more empathetic to those with serious problems, whether physical or psychological. ... These people are essentially shamans, at least in potential, bringing together the spiritual and physical. ... The forest will feel like home. .... This quality may not be evident early in life, but will eventually develop.
Originally Posted by Kannon View Post
PLUTO at the Asc creates a person of depth and power.... Resourcefulness and unrelenting determination....with an inability to compromise at times, creating a special kind of commmanding or intimidating persona... they will not allow spurious rules or traditions to prohibit their purpose. Even if not outwardly evident, these are people of great power - at least after middle age ... There is often another side to these people that only those closest to them can see.
I have natal Chiron in 12th and it is conjunct by parallel, 0.14 degree orb with pisces Asc.
This describes me perfectly and after reading it I realized that my life is starting to make sense.
The Pluto description above describes me, as well.
I have a natal Pluto/Node combust, closely opposite my Asc , it trines Jupiter and Hades and sextiles Mars and Neptune.

I can literally FEEL the plutonian power within me.....always.
Sometimes it scares me because I know I have the ability to destroy with this force if I allowed it to surface unchecked.
(I burn street lights out all the time as well as light bulbs in the house when I turn them on)
Definitely something I've had to learn to restrain.

So, my question is, Would Pluto affect my appearance as well or just my manner of expression?
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