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Question Re: Requesting Permission to Post Natal Charts on a New Thread

Originally Posted by Arian Maverick
Hello everyone!

This is one of my first posts as forum moderator, so please bear with me as I attempt to learn the intricacies of this position.

As you may have gathered from reading such threads as An Updated Natal Chart Forum and Precursor to Our “Astrology Weekly” Natal Charts, I am in the beginning stages of planning a new thread exclusively for posting our natal charts.

However, since this will be a permanent and locked thread that only Radu or myself will be able to edit, sorehearted has advised me to ask each member for permission to post their natal chart on the forum.

Please consider participating in this new will not be successful unless I receive a decent number of natal charts to post.

Thank you!

Arian Maverick
Hello Arian Maverick & everyone.
Is there any method in natal astrology to know whether the chart is of male or female?
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