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Re: Aspects to Ascendant: Conjunctions and Parallels

Well I'm all sorts of conjuncts to my ASC. I've got 2 stelliums in the first. So I guess, I'm a little bit of everything.

I will say one thing about my tight degrees/& conjunctions, I cause intense reactions, and I'm very memorable-good, bad, or ugly. I try to be incognito, but my looks will not allow me to ever rob a bank, or not be remembered 13 years later in a nightclub from someone I barely knew (as was the case last night). It truly bothers me sometimes, so much so that it has led to little bouts of panic.

I grew up in California where the people are diverse but my ethnic and social background emphasize fitting in, which is something I try to do, but to NO avail. Even my interests in astrology was a sore spot with a best friend last night. Either way, my first house has tremendous influence on how people percieve me to extremes.

Stellium with Sun: 7Sag15 and Mer: 1Sag05 and Ura: 0Sag49

If anyone has advice, I'm all ears. =)
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