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Re: Astrology Weekly's Horary Tutorial

I just read some of the info about educational forums and classes. I wouldn't think it had to be anymore complicated than reading a college syllabus. Like Radu had there on his input. Only thing I might add to his example would be to include ancient and modern differences in each planetary or house translations and meanings (if it has/had evolved to even slightly different meanings from former times) or at least a brief summary of those changes. This is so the former and the modern can both be considered and known about. An example, in natal astrology, an inconjunct is taken more seriously now than it did in former times. Keep it simple, straight forward, and most of all progressive I'd think. I don't know about Horary enough to make a syllabus myself. I could probably come up with a natal one when you want it, but I am sure there are several with good ideas about that too. I would be most interested in researching Natal, Medical, and Synastry Astrology primarily myself. Ive already researched natal somewhat by hand writing and researching numerous Natal chart intrerpetations and writing readings for numerous people to their great satisfaction. So in these areas my greater strengths lie. I would like to know more about Horary though, for the sake of knowledge. Sounds like I need to change my Motto at the both around a bit doesn't it lol.
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