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Re: Please help! Is it possible to tell a person's destiny from their natal chart?

Sun in the 12th conjunctNeptuneand Mars, in very tight opposition to your Moon?

There is a great deal of sensitivity shown by this configuration, perhaps no wonder youmay be sensitive to the cruelty of the world - I suspect many people comfortably insulate themselves against the reality of how cruel the culture we live in can actually be, and how much they themselves may actually contribute to it.

Have there been situations before when somehow you ended up being the 'fall guy' for other people's failings?

At the moment, maybe your conscientious hard-working Capricorn Ascendent is still somewhat Cinderella-like in accepting thankless conditions. But your chart ruler, Saturn, makes an 'easy opposition' to your Sun/Moon and Neptune, so surely the potential for turning around the more difficult manifestations of the Neptune/12th House themes in your chart, does exist.

It may still mean that somehow in many ways, you may always feel somewhat like a channel for something greater than yourself - in the fashion of many kind of creative person or healer - but somehow (thinking of your Mars too), you will,need to, find ways to assert yourself more without necessarily feeling selfish, in the face of the bullies.

Sagittarius/Gemini looks tome to bea hugely versatile combination, where the Saturnian self-discipline exists to make the most of these.

The Pluto transit may bring up a huge amount of stored resentment against those who may have exploited any lack of self-esteem (Saturn co-rules your 2nd House too) or your better nature - unpleasant for the time being, but all forthegood ultimately in helping you to reclaim your power.
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