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Re: Desperately Seeking Particulars

Originally Posted by millionora

life is beautiful,
Dear Millionora, you sound too Sagittarian lately that I am worried...
Don`t forget that the Sun is shining too...

Dear Astrologer4U
I have:
Moon in Virgo
Sun in Sagittarius
Venus in Capricorn

but I am female...

Hope you find happiness and good synastry on this Forum or anywhere else...
Wish you the best


There were some mail members trying to contact me in the begining... Maybe we should have a special thread for railroad redirecting since my natal Venus Uranus sqaure keeps men away...

I must admit that Pisces AC and Moon Venus trine give me this sweet and innocent look on my face with nice Sagittarian optimistic smile, but at the moment that I open my mouth, Sagittarian blunt honesty comes up, Mars in 1st that squares Mercury, squares Sun, sqares Jupiter ``loaded`` with transiting Uranus wants to know ``are you talking to me?!``...Sun in conj. with Jupiter and MC is a expansive ``star``, and then, that Venus Uranus square again screaming for FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need new thread for ``chalenging aspects``...
Sun is shining, life is beautiful, feel the calmness...
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