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Re: Desperately Seeking Particulars

Originally Posted by RayAustin
I have Scorpio ASC, Moon in Cancer, and Libra Sun.

A person I really like is Cancer rising, Moon in Libra, Leo Sun; a hundred percent compatible if you mix it around.

The "dream" person would probably be.. the above. Haha.

So you like your moon to fall into the others 1st house. Yeah, I had that before, good connection. Then you like the Sun Moon Conjunct Moon aspect. ah huh, Those are some the long term aspects, they make things comfy and cozy in a relationship.

However, I am a bit confused about where does the Leo Sun connect to? Something is off. With your having Scorpio ASC and Moon in Cancer, that is a lot of serious water for a Sun in Leo, particularly because Sun in Leo is a combination of Air, Fire and Water while you are only Air and Water. Where does the Leo Sun connect to in your chart? If you have no interceptions, Leo Sun, should fall directly into your 10th house. How does that make up for the missing element on your behalf? In my experience, sticking to coziness, the other persons Sun falling into your 5th or 9th house is good, if you wish to make up for a missing element.

What about the mars and venus contacts?
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