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Re: 6 Retrograde planets: how are you dealing with yours?

Originally Posted by Lykanized View Post
I have 5 retrogrades myself all playing pivotal roles in my chart--
That matrix theory is very intriguing and actually, it makes a whole lot of sense. As a retrograder, you're forced not to take 'reality' at face value. Eventually that does bring one to harness the potential to 'break through the matrix'

In fact, I'd argue that breaking through the matrix to some degree might be a requirement for a retrograde individual to be able to enter the external world and function. I think retrograde planets can make one far more likely to be introverted to a degree that leads to dysfunction, therefor they have to find their own way to function in this world that just doesn't make sense to them the way it does to other people

I can say I've successfully broken through myself, or I've at least started. My worldview is vastly, vastly different from that of anyone else's because it has to be. It's only now that I'm fleshing out this worldview that I feel I'm actually able to function in the real world. I may not be functioning the way non retrograders or those with few or insignificant retrogrades would, but I've discovered my own little tricks because of it

I am being serious here. I know a lot of people enjoy using astrology to fluff up their egos, but as someone who's had to battle a completely dysfunctional habit of not being present or taking action in the external world and instead indulging in my internal world, I've had to find out how to balance this for myself. Thinking about my retrograde planets has helped immensely for me to understand

A retrograde planet is more intense, but that intensity is focused inward and it doesn't function the way it's "supposed to", so we're tasked with finding our own ways to thrive

That's why I believe the 'late bloomer' trend associated. I'm one. I'm 26 and Im just starting to figure out how to function in this world. I had to do so by realizing that the ways other people do things are just never gonna work for me and I have to have the confidence to go with my own methods

I wonder if self confidence is an issue other retrograders face since we may easily be able to see the discrepency between us and those around us

What's more is that because of this subjective nature of the retrograde planet, two individuals even if they have all the same retrograde planets, hell, even if they have the same exact chart including 5+ retrogrades, may be very very different in their ways and thought processes

This was a handicap for me earlier in life, but now it's becoming my strength
I do have to consider that perhaps some of my aspects influence this and perhaps my experience is more of an extreme. To note, My rx Mercury rules 3 inner planets and my ascendant, and it also opposes very very closely Uranus-Neptune which are also both retrograde. Then a nice little trine to an also retrograde Pluto
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