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Re: Looking back - can a cycle of ups & downs in a life be seen?

Hello Hebetude!
I did not read all of the responses given you, but I'd like to simply sit with your chart and respond to your questions. But first, let me say that people's lives are full of ups and downs and negative experiences, so you are in good company. I'm 68. I don't anyone (including myself) who hasn't experienced the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" - so well-spoken by Shakespeare. But we do have different ways of dealing with life - and yes - astrology CAN be helpful in giving us a heads up. Sometimes just knowing what kind of cycle we're in does empower us to make better choices.

SOME PRELIMINARIES BEFORE LOOKING AT TRANSITS: (transits affect the birth chart, so we have to know the birth chart to see the future)

1. There is an inherent restlessness and sense of responsibility in your chart and essential character. Your beliefs are aligned with some movement - perhaps religious, political, cultural or philosophical - it could be anything you feel aligned with that you think is true. You have strong beliefs - but you question and keep seeking - perhaps to come to deeper truth, or, to prove your side in the face of those who criticize your stand. You like to defend what you believe. I think that you like to think of yourself as open-minded and maybe you even look like that on the surface, but I wonder if that's true given your chart. It feels to me like you've made some assumptions that lead you to certain "truths" that from other points of view, simply aren't true. What is true then, simply becomes a confusion of half-truths that actually don't serve you. We can all argue any point of view and substantiate it and sound convincing, even when we are dead wrong. Just ask any lawyer.

2. In the above statements, I'm referring to your South Node, Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, 3rd house opposing North Node, Moon and Uranus in the 9th. There are a lot of planets in these oppositions and your attention is held here very strongly.

3. The problem then becomes, how does one truly find and KNOW the truth - about one's self, other people, how the world works, why we are here, etc.? I personaly have two yods my own chart), so I have given a lot thought to the meaning of them. I kind of like "there is some sacrifice the apex planet is asked to make". In your case, Pluto in Virgo conjunct MC. To me, this suggests that your mandate to evolve your Virgo and 10th house qualities and activities has a caveat. It isn't so straight forward as saying you need to evolve your sense of service or your ability to think critically, or to understand through analysis. It may be that indeed you need to develop a more positive relationship with Virgo and your sense of responsibility. But, you also have to let something GO of it. That could be that you think too much, that you are overly critical, that you feel way too much responsibility - or think you have to be an authority on the issues (10th house).

4. What planets are forcing an extra mandate upon the apex Pluto in the yod? Venus in Aries in the 5th and Saturn in Aquarius, 3rd. Venus in Aries, 5th is asking you to develop more of a sense of an individual self. Aries is the one sign who is extremely focused on a stand-alone SELF, that does not depend upon other people or group beliefs to feel well and alive. It simply IS - it says, "I AM" and it is meant in the most basic way. There's nothing to figure out. Here is a blade of grass. Here is a rose. It just is. Then Saturn in Aquarius - conjunct the SN - could be said to be the second sign that is focused on being a unique individual. Saturn and NN do suggest that this is very family territory. Aquarius can be rebellious and on the negative, can be so individualistic that it works against itself. On the other hand, Aquarius can be responsible for taking on beliefs that truly aren't YOURS, but of your culture or "tribe". Aquarius is a very mentally-oriented or intellectual sign. It's electrical. It likes a fight as much as Aries can like a fight. They're ganging up on Pluto in Virgo.

5. I think that what's happened here is you have become confused about what is truly YOURS and what is truly other people's beliefs and right conclusions. Most likely your family had strong beliefs and you've had to sort out what's yours and what's theirs. It's very difficult to do this. Truly! Something like this is the work of a lifetime.

6. My conclusion here is that this is a lifetime more about "letting go" of who you think you are and the set of beliefs given to you in your conditioning. You truly need to focus upon your own identity and let go of trying to sort things out. The way to do that is to focus on creativity - on Venus in Aries in the 5th. When you do creative things, that draws upon your Piscean planets - which have much imagination and inspiration available to them. But to access their positive qualities, you have to not think so much, debate so much, defend so much.

7. Pisces can be a very spacious, open place. Your Sun, Mars and Mercury are all in Pisces. It can be a confusing place if you let it be. You could escape there and not even be present in the world. But the most positive thing you could do is to find a craft or art where you can express creatively. I think it's very possible you've done this already - and in fact, my guess is, you have.

8. Pisces and the 12th house are also about letting go. The 12th is often called the House of Troubles or Loss. But really, it's about letting go. You need to let go of the obsessive qualities found in your 3rd and 9th houses. You've got that T-square to Neptune apex - you need to focus on letting go, and feeling okay with being in a letting go space.

9. When we do creative things, we can lose track of time. We get all absorbed in our imagination and inspiration. We are truly somewhere else. It isn't a mental or intellectual space. It is a space where new things can emerge. For you, the 3rd-9th house planets are like being a mouse on a circular running wheel. Turning your attention to the Sun, Mars and Mercury in Pisces, Venus in Aries, 5th and Neptune in the 12th, Scorpio is a big relief from all that. You can play and create and be in a very nice out there space - as long as you aren't doing drugs instead to accomplish that.

10. I think perhaps, that you need to accept not-knowing - or letting go of the need to know - before you sense knowing from a deeper, intuitive place. Don't expect knowing to come from that 3rd-9th house process. Making pros and cons lists or analytical diagrams really won't help in the long run. I'm not saying not to do that, as maybe it will lead you to that letting go point, where answers could come. But, I'm just saying, not knowing and not concluding can be a friend and not an enemy.

1. So when the transits aspect your natal planets, they influence those planets and how you feel and sometimes the events that happen. Your natal planets set up where those transits influence you. So your 3rd-9th house planets can be stimulated to get you trying to figure out things - and questioning your beliefs - or just trying to make sense of things. You may also have times when you are especially creative and things are going well because those other planets are being stimulated.

2. What you're really asking for is to secure an attitude you can count on that will help you through losses or dealing with negative experiences. It's actually a very good and reasonable question to ask.

3. This may sound kind of weird, but how present are you in your body? With a Scorpio ASC and Pisces IC with all that Aquarius, it makes me think that maybe you aren't fully present in your body. I mean, are you aware of your toes right this second as you read this? What body parts are you typically aware of? If you don't spend much time in your body, you may benefit greatly from grounding yourself more in your body. It will help you feel more grounded and solid. It can help you get out of your mind.

4. Along these lines, if you do any exercising - even walking - while paying attention to your body - and being aware of every inch of it - you can practice being more in your body. But you can practice sitting on the couch too. Can you watch TV and be aware of your whole body? Can you wash the dishes and be aware of your whole body? Can you do the dishes and be aware of your breathing? Being in your body can slow things down and stop obsessive thinking. It can help you be more aware of your true impulses and feelings. It can help you feel more stability which can help you not be so thrown when something happens.

5. Your Secondary Progressed Sun moved into the 7th house last year. It's been in Taurus for about 22 years. So you may benefit greatly to put more energy into one-on-one relationships - partners, friends, people close to you. You are likely to feel more grounded in these relationships - which can help you with those ups and downs. How could they help you keep steady when a challenge comes along? Set up a social network that can be helpful to you.

6. SP Mars is in Aries, 5th house. If you aren't doing something creative now, I think you would benefit from starting something. If it's something that grounds you, all the better. It needs to excite you and make you feel alive. It might also be something that can give you stability when something happens to throw you off. You might think about giving it that power by saying to yourself that this is what I'll do when something happens to throw me off my game.

7. TR Saturn and Pluto are in the 2nd house, Capricorn. This is very good for grounding and paying attention to your own integrity - to how to live your life from the inside out. These two TR planets will be conjunct at the beginning of 2020 - ending one and beginning a new Pluto-Saturn cycle for all of us. It's a time to restructure ourselves. A year after that - sometime in Feb 2021, you will have your second Saturn return. This CAN cause some difficult changes. You will want to have your new stabilizing schemes in place. During this Saturn Return, you will be asked to evaluate yourself and your life and ask, what it is you want to do during your elder years? You will need to set yourself up for the future by reflecting upon what's truly important to you.

8. But even if you manage to feel more stable in difficult times, remember that these times are meant to help us change something and that change ought to benefit us. If we relate to changes positively, we may learn something of great value. If we need to grieve, we can grieve. If we need to move, we can move. There's always something positive to be gleaned. Maybe you need to see the positives instead of the negatives. I don't know. Just throwing things out there.

9. Your SP Moon is in Virgo, 10th house. It will be in Virgo until the end of 2020. My guess is that you need to make sure that you don't participate in negative Virgo - worry, self-doubt, self-criticism or criticism of others, the need to be perfect or to do things to perfection, the need to help others - especially out of guilt. Instead, work toward analyzing things in the service of truly UNDERSTANDING. Understanding brings resolve. Once you understand, you can let go of it. If you just worry or obsess and there's never any real understanding, then it's a negative loop. Virgo needs to understand things to work positively. Once you understand, you can use the Pisces planets to gain love and compassion - and there lies gaining peace.

10. And that brings me full circle to your SP Sun in Taurus. Taurus truly wants peace - the simplicity of peace - the harmony of peace and peaceful interactions. Taurus the Bull is fully in the body. It's sensuous and a creature fully participating in nature. If you think of yourself as a Bull - who fears nothing and no one and enjoys a kind of mindless superiority of strength, power and connection with the earth. Would you dare bother a bull? Would you think twice about wearing red in a pasture where a bull may be grazing? A bull, no doubt, feels invulnerable.

11. In 2021, when your SP Moon enters Libra - you may find yourself able to be less fearful and more fully engaged in the world if you can relate to your SP Sun in Taurus now and work at becoming more bull-like. Then maybe change will feel more like whispers blowing in the wind instead of hurricanes destroying what has been built.
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