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Re: Looking back - can a cycle of ups & downs in a life be seen?

would quickly mention am not profesional astrologer, astrology is more a hobby.

Also its heart breaking to read what you been trough in life..hope your life is going to be safer and brighter for you.

To the astrology of this.
Uhmm..your pluto in 10th/ congjuncting your Midheaven.
probably created great rise and falls with career and public environment.
so prehaps a reason for your " Soul Destroying Jobs"

With marriage its bit difficult as you can controlled your own actions in life, but we cant control other peoples decions and actions.

You have DC, 7th in Taurus. meaning Venus is the ruling planet of your 7th.
With that i was venus normally rules 7th.
But venus is in the sign of Aries
Venus in Aries isnt the greatest place for Independt sign as Aries.
Normally we want realstionships with compromsing and discussions.
Aries in venus being the ruler of the first realstionship might by why..there been actions/ prehaps fighting.
venus trining moon might be a case of needingness aswell, after difficult fight so should be lead by break up instead is covered up with a "Please dont leave me, i need you" when you in reality you dont need this person (Also taurus is a obsessive sign so might been a possesiveness in the realstionship..almost feeling Owned so sort of a Item).

i would never image a partner being a criminal..only if i look at the ruling planet of the 5th house so venus is in.
as venus is again aries 5th..5th Aries is ruled by Mars.
Mars is in pisces 3th.
now that in it self isnt something so say "Criminal" to me.. until you see the Mars Pluto opposition.
after noticing that aspect in wouldnt suprise me of this cirminal became publicly known in canada?

you being a Scorpio Rising and pluto, mars ruling scorpio.
you see where Mars and pluto they are and doing will definitely Effect you hard.
As our Rising/ Ascendant is our general life and personality.
so you prehaps had to transfrom alot of times, trough these relastionships and jobs.

not only that somewhere i learn different way at look at degree..
where the Sun is in pisces 26 would degree of taurus. So again Brings us Back to your 7th/Dc the area of life of partnerships, others.
So alot of your life time is to transfrom and go through these chaotic messed up relastionships.
i wouldnt discourage you from ever falling love or being i dont believe that would the reason and the lessons for you to expirence.
North Node in Leo 9th, congjunting moon is here asking you grow into a stronger person deeper love into yourself.
Letting you have fun with creativity, expression, prehaps move, explore different culture, country, spirituality or phillosophy being inspire to create and express, face these inner emotions.
creating from these inner emotions let them be free, might attract fresh love, romance.
Not easy when neptune in the 12th squaring moon..might create some unconscious fear and doubts.
Let yourself know your own worth to is never too late until it in the grave.

oki short..of trying to look in your chart for the experience you had.
sorry for the mess
Thank you for your time, have a Nice day <3
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