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Re: Is this relationship safe for us to grow together ?!

Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
"Is it safe" is a strange way of asking about the future of a relationship. Do you intuit what is being prepared for you by karma, that things will change, it isn't safe to invest in this because it will be unexpectedly taken away?
English isn't my native language ... portuguese is !!
Sooo ... I'am aquarian weirdo ... sorry for my strange question !!
Actually my intention was to know if we finally reached a step where things will conspire in our favor !!
I value safety very much ... but as we have had several falls ... I am very scared to have the carpet pulled from my feet again !! And even though things have changed a lot, it gives me a fear of having been in vain again !! I'm tired of these falls, of not having a stable and solid direction ... wanting to make it work is what I would most like to happen, but it's not just up to me, right ?! Yes she reflects a lot of my insecurities ... my confusion ... I try to convince myself that it will be nice, every moment ... but from the history of the relationship was at our best moment that there was our terrible fall ... since then, us we come back together but I'm still scared
But thanks a lot again, I really want things to get better and unexpected changes to be for the better too.
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