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Re: marriage

conditions don't look favorable. we've got Saturn on the 10th house cusp, leaving heavy the overall tenor of the chart. nothing good comes from a malefic on the angles.

querent signified by Saturn, peregrine on the 10th house cusp. Saturn's trine Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. 2 of these planets dialing into Saturn's disposition are malefics.. Mars bestows frustration, anger, rash behavior; Neptune gives confusion and self-deception. Saturn peregrine indicates that you are a stranger in a strange land, wandering aimlessly in the chart.

quesited is signified by the Moon. Moon and Saturn aren't good matches as it is. her next aspect will be to Uranus, then she's off to the void. separation is real and staring you at the face. marriage is out of the picture.

I notice she's in mutual reception with Jupiter. purely speculation and I have no references to support this, but I think she's fallen for someone else who is ultimately better suited to her disposition.
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