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Re: Could anyone please read my chart🥺

Your birth time seems rounded, so I won't look at divisional charts. Navamsha (chart for marriage) changes at 12:03pm. And Saptamsha (chart for Childbirth) changes at 11:59 am).

Looking at just your D1 (natal) chart. You are a Sag rising/moon, and Libra Sun. I follow Vedic, so these placements might be one sign off from Western.

Your ruling planet Jupiter goes into the 12h, with the 12l and 5l Mars. You're naturally a secretive person, and find yourself enjoying isolation/introspection. Jupiter is the karaka for 5h matters (children/education) and is conjunct Mars, which rules the 5h. Jupiter is also in the Nakshatra of Jyesta, which is ruled by Mercury. Your Mercury is very strong, it is the 10l in the 10h. Mars-Jupiter period can bring you a new job and possibly marriage/children. Maybe even a child you want to keep hidden, as the 12h is secrecy/hidden. 12h is also the indicator for foreign lands. So perhaps a job oversees or working for a international company.

Mars-Jupiter runs in 9-17-2020 to 8-24-2021 (could be a little of if your birth time is rounded).

Question, is your fiancÚ a foreigner or of a different caste/socioeconomic status as you? Wondering because your Venus is conjunct Rahu. Rahu is all things foreign, and Venus is the karaka for love.
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