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the following HELLENISTIC methodology
clearly highlights for interested readers
how the seven classical planets
are associated with skin tone

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Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology Part II - Seven Stars

Saturn completes 2 sidereal cycles and 57 synodic cycles with 59 years.
It has retreating arcs of 7 degrees for 140 days.

Saturn.... .....makes those born under him dark-skinned....

Jupiter completes 6 sidereal cycles and 65 synodic cycles with 71 years.
It has retreating arcs of 10 degrees for 120 days.

Jupiter makes those born under him light, of good colour.....

Mars completes 42 sidereal cycles and 37 synodic cycles with 79 years.
It has retreating arcs of 16 degrees for 72 days.

Mars...... .....makes those born under him red and white in complexion....

Venus completes 8 sidereal cycles and 5 synodic cycles with 8 years.
It has retreating arcs of 15 degrees for 40 days.

Venus... .....makes those born under her olive in complexion.....

Mercury completes 46 sidereal cycles and 145 synodic cycles with 46 years.
It has retreating arcs of 12 degrees for 20 days.

Mercury... .....makes those born under it sallow.... .......and olive complexion....

Moon completes sidereal cycles with 27.32166 days and anomalistic cycles with 27.55454 days.
Ascending Node completes retreating sidereal cycles with 18.61295 years.

Moon makes those born under her white.......

Robbins, F. E. (1940). Ptolemy: Tetrabiblos. William Heinmann, London. Retrieved from
Valens, V. Anthologia. Translated by Mark Riley. Retrieved from

A few tips for assessing "blackness/whiteness" aka "darkness/lightness"
"fairness/darker complexion" of skin tones
Important to keep in mind that
it's not unusual for children of the same race
to be fairer or darker complexioned than their siblings
So within the race of white/whitish people
some siblings are darker/lighter complexioned than others
and likewise
within the race of black/blackish people
some siblings are darker/lighter complexioned than others
and so for rectification purposes
Focusing on height, weight, bone structure, eye colour
gives overall good results
Black people with Blue eyes and other ethnicities
Parts 1 and 2
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