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Insanely intense synastry chart what would happen if I was in the physical proximity

This is odd how many intense aspects I have. I am a guy she is a girl btw when I say almost exact I mean within two degrees

Btw when it comes to this chart would we be any danger to eachother cause of being so intense etc I kind of get that vibe.

Her Pluto conjunct my Venus
Her Mars Conjunct my Pluto almost by exact degree
Sun Sextile Sun
Her ruling planet (moon) Conjunct almost by exact degree my south node
Ascendant trine ascendant
Her sun conjunt almost by exact degree my vertex
Her Venus conjunct almost by the exact degree my Mars
Her Saturn conjunct almost by exact degree my Jupiter
My moon in her first house her ascendant cancer
Her Venus Conjunct my Mercury
Her mercury Sextile my Pluto
Her ascendant conjunct almost exact my fourth house cusp
Her Mc in my first house.
Jupiter sextile pluto
Her Saturn is opposite her Venus very closely and the odd this is I have a t-square with the moon in Cancer as the Apex with Jupiter Opposite Mars so this close opposition would be squaring my moon on top of the T-square almost exact by degree
So these are the aspects. I know it sounds like I am only listing the positive but these are all the aspects.

I looked hard and other than those two squares of Saturn and Venus to my moon there are no other squares inconjuncts oppositions or conflicting aspects at all in this synastry chart.

This is the ones I see right now.

What would happen and what does this person feel about me anyways I am just curious I kind of admit I feel intense in some kind in a way would she feel that as well. I think both of us are pushing that feeling away Neither of us said anything about it.

Since we don't know if we ever will meet in real life she lives in another country but is coming to mine soon supposedly. I never even saw a synastry chart like this before. I know how to read astrology charts but I am at a loss to explain this even studying astrology for over 10 years on my free time.

We seem to have a connection but i don't know if she feels intense like I do and I might not want her knowing this so i post it here although I do have a similar user name on the forum we met on sigh.

What does she feel about me and what is up with this chart. What do you think would happen if we ever saw eachother.

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