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Re: Marraige

in case the observations in the further attempt here enable clues,

lords 1/7 sat-sun over virgo-gemini square same lord mer,
scope for intellectual relationship but challenging same time;

separative sun lord 7th over 7th in navamsa aspecting venus in opp,
venus karaka for relationship/marriage blanked by sun;

rahu the giver, placed 7th from moon for foreign relationship,
sooner coming 1.5yr transits sun-mer-venus 5th for romance,
sun lord 7th, venus for relationship; relationship of choice;
wear brown hessonite over pendant touching heart;

libra-venus 9th badhaka for acq asc,
stress-delays in luck-edu-travels;

badhaka venus over gemini 5th for luck-edu-romace-children etc
under stress-delay; heart-stomach-chest-lung issues to care;

jup dasa last phase, jup now transit scorpio 10th,
trine own pisces 2nd for family-finances;

natal jup-sat virgo 8th for mangalya to be realised year ahead hopefully;

jup-sat virgo poses critical attitude in sustaining a personal relationship;
jup karaka for marriage-husband with saturn causing the delay in 8th mangalya sthana;

prayers to saint of faith, offer yellow flowers wed evenings at the alter at home;

jup transit sun scorpio in the navamsa, sun lord 7th for marriage,
trine jup pisces navamsa for family-finances;
jup effective mid-course feb-may 019 to hope for;

sat transit sag 11th for income-gains-friendships-relationship,
may be with an old friend; or older person;

while sat opp sun-mer-venus under stress,
craving for relationship but difficult to manifest;

while ketu sooner moves to sag 11th,
detachment from income-gains-friendships-relationship to care;
and pain-injury-surgery arms-shoulders-ears-thighs etc;
natal moon-ketu saturnine cap 12th pain-injury knees-feet-heart-lungs etc,
donate 125gms pm white til to Lord Ganapathy sat evenings;

19yrs sat dasa follows, jup-sat virgo 8th,
aptitude for economics-audit-quality management etc;
chronic health issues urological-intestinal etc; sat asc lord over 8th;
sat 12th lord over 8th success amidst adversity;
jup aspect own pisces 2nd supportive of family-finances-singing etc;

scope for relationship year ahead, feb-may 019 to watch for,
while care for sat-ketu transit sag 11th for friends-relationship/detachments;

why discuss marriage-relationship now, is the person keen now
or having somebody in mind; is the person a client,
some background enables think appropriately;

hope the inputs enable take stock offering clues to factor,
do share comments/feedbacks,

wishing well sooner hopefully,


jup-sat-ketu separative node 11th house navamsa,
detachment from income-gains-friendships-relationship.
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