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Re: Sun destroyed by South Node conjunction

Thank you waybread! I appreciate your guidance.

I hadn’t put the Jupiter/Pisces/Sagittarius rulership together. I need to visualise this properly but it makes a lot of sense to me now.

Venus is very strong, but I like to think Saturn is the strongest in my chart? And thank you for saying nice things about my Capricorn moon...yes, I'm good with practical help.

Oh the 6th house of service! Of course!…it never occurred to me that the Jupiter there reminds me of being of service to others…I’m laughing now at how one sided I’m looking at things…I always thought "others serving me" is indicated here (I’m allowed to level with you right?) Honestly, I never thought "being of service" would come naturally to me? Not saying that I don't help others, of course I do, but professionally? I’ve got a friend who works in a hospice so I know it's crushing… Me doing that? Thank you for your insightful suggestion. I'd be suited for that now that I think of it but it would have never ever crossed my mind…

But my SN is taking over when I think of that and I have to push it away for a few more years. Just not yet… Can’t give myself to a cause like that now, from where I am in my life…

Thanks so much!

Love, JJ

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