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Re: Sun destroyed by South Node conjunction

Thank you so much for your reply Frisianangel! I appreciate your thoughts, and it's a lot to take in.

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
I don't agree with the leave the S.N. for the N.N. idea when it means cutting ties. If both are seen as stepping stones crossing the expanse of life from two different sides, there is definitely a need of the springboard of a S.N. to jump towards, take in, and and reach the N.N, isn't there?
I’m liking that approach more and more. It sounds logical.

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
The 'springboard' would appear to be a settling abroad as a means of ' expansion of spirit', that is suggestive of a 9th house position.
I have some personal experience here with a 9th house Sun in Taurus (and Moon in Capricorn!). Where I laid down foreign roots, they stayed for the duration. Yet Gemini isn't inclined in that way; it's a wanderer of spirit and mind that can be sociably flexible or unsettled of nature. Under a Gemini influence it may not be one single place in a lifetime. but many different towns, places, and people from different races, cultures, and walks of life, each of which produces an effect that motivates one's own life. Your pseudonym would seem to say what you want that to be!
Ha another Cap Moon, hi!

9th house Sun in Taurus does lay down roots…do you think you’ll stay where you are forever? 9th house Sun in Gemini is a different story…And you are so perceptive! It’s true that I’ve been living in a few different countries actually. I’ve been wandering around since I my mid twenties, always by myself looking for the next thing, sometimes running away…I feel settled here now too but could move on any time.

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
You could ask yourself what your experiences so far are teaching you about yourself. What was the need that took you from your country of birth in order to facilitate their growth by broadening your personal outlook regarding the situations with which they have confronted you? How far does Gemini's ruler, Mercury, in conjunction with Saturn, ruler 4th house, in Cancer play a part in this growth?
I need to re-read this bit a few more times as I’m not so sure what is meant?

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
The effect of the Earth planet influences that need physical proof before the individual can believe totally (in) anything? What happens when that belief does not meet with one's expectations that are shattered (Moon- Uranus) in and by those situations which bring about disillusionment and disappointment (Venus-Neptune) in one's personal life? How would this effect the purely personal beliefs and faith in one's self (Sun trine UR;T-square SU-JU-NE), yet which others may not share because they are made from a different mould with a different perspective of life?
And I’m struggling with this bit…so I have in my natal chart shattered expectations, disillusion, disappointment in my personal life? The Sun-Jupiter-Neptune is am interesting one..

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
Gemini is the sign of many talents; it does not designate its life to move in one upward and specified direction as does Sagittarius. Life with all its glowing facets is far too interesting. It 'shines' in other ways.

There is a saying', 'Know Thyself' which is strongly associated with Sagittarius. Maybe that is the path towards a NN; the yellow brick road (and its companions) which a SN Gemini can take to reach it?

(Note that Uranus opposition is occuring. That brings about a change of direction in itself.)

Do you mean my Uranus Chiron opposition? What do you mean by change of direction?

Also, you've pointed me in the direction of the T-Square and reading up on it helps! I have three of these T-Squares if you count the Jupiter/Sun/Nodes one. Right.

So thank you Frisianangel for all your insights, even though I’m now asking loads of questions…


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