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Re: Sun destroyed by South Node conjunction

Oh waybread... I knew thereís something amiss in my chart in terms of balance, but I never knew I had SO MANY crazy aspects. Everything you said above is true, apart from the motorcycle cliff jumping (but insert similar)Öso uncanny. Iíve always been addicted, excessive, fearless, and reckless. I've rarely met someone in my life as bad. And Iím not saying this as if I think itís a good thing, but deep down I chuckle at that, itís all a bit twisted to be fair. Iíve got redeeming qualities as well :-)

Not sure why I phrased it as if I still live dangerously - I donít! I guess because itís all bubbling away and could break out at any time. But Iím controlling that part of meÖYouíd help me a lot if you could point me in the direction of a planet in my chart helping me with that? Iím together now and make sure I have a very balanced life and mindÖI have to admit it does take strength, but Iíve actually got responsibilitiesÖ

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Hopefully, these days, you look to a more profound meaning of the 9th house: wisdom and developing a mature life philosophy.
As Iíve explainedÖseeking wisdom and maturity is crucial for me getting through that dark sideÖbut I refuse to believe thatís the purpose of my lifeÖthereís got to be more than that! I want to have a purpose of life with an action plan attached to it. Something tangible, something I can build with my hands.

Lastly, thank you a million for your interpretations, you are really helping me see.
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