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Re: Sun destroyed by South Node conjunction

Thank you Osamenor for your insightful post, even without seeing my whole chart. Wow, I'm so impressed.

I absolutely believe in something. I know something is there, but I'm not religious, or would call myself spiritual. There's often something drawing me to be materialistic I'm afraid...I wonder and I'd be so curious to hear what you've got to say about the is a clue for this right?

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
Looking at it from a past life perspective, sun conjunct the south node means you were a larger than life person in your previous incarnation(s), or that you're carrying the ancestral influence of people who were. Sun in this case represents a person who others revolve around, who draws people to them, who is a leader, either out in front of the crowd or through strong influence behind the scenes.

The combination of Gemini and the ninth house suggests a teacher or spiritual leader (ninth house), who draws people in through what they say (Gemini). Considering that your north node is in Sagittarius in the third house, your path for this life is similar. Third house has similar meanings to Gemini, and Sagittarius has similar meanings to the ninth house.
That is the problem? So my path in this life is similar to previous lifetimes? Or do I need to change something? I've just gone though a professional defeat. I feel like hiding at the moment, I have no message for anyone, I just want to retreat. I wonder if I should try getting onto my soapbox again?
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