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Re: The ABC of the planets

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That model of the sun may be outdated.
According to the Electric Universe model, the sun is not a hot fire ball, it's actually cold and gets its energy from somewhere else.
NEVERTHELESS the sun is indisputably HOT
so fiery that objects 93 million miles away on earth
are warmed by sun's broiling mass of superheated gas.

contained within the solar atmosphere is one of the great mysteries in science.
Largest part of the sunís atmosphere is a layer called the corona.
Somehow the corona is hotter
than the actual surface of the sun below it. Much hotter.

A Solar Mystery

The Sunís Mysteriously Hot Atmosphere

The sun is surrounded by a hazy layer of gas called the corona.
It's the sun's atmosphere. Credit: NASA/ESA/SOHO.

Why is the Corona So Hot?

The surface of the sun is almost 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Thatís really hot. But the sunís corona is over 200 times hotter
ó millions of degrees Fahrenheit. Thatís like the actual flame of a fire being 200 times colder than the air around that fire.

The surface of the sun is cold compared to the super hot gas that makes up its atmosphere.
And it gets hotter the further away you go! Nobody is quite sure why this happens.

Why would the area around a hot burning mass be hotter than something that is actually closer to the source of heat?
And if the corona is so hot, then why doesnít it heat up the sunís surface to a similar temperature
Well, the truth is that nobody knows for sure. Lots of scientists are hard at work trying to figure out the answer.
One potential explanation is magnetic forces. All that superheated gas in the sun core creates a strong magnetic field
ó like Earthís magnetic field, but a whole lot stronger and more chaotic.
Some scientists think that it is this magnetic field that gives the sunís corona energy.

Are Strong Magnetic Forces to Blame?

Some scientists think that strong magnetic waves from deep within the suns interior make the atoms in the gas around the sun move very fast.
The faster the atoms move, the hotter the gas.

If that were true, then powerful magnetic waves would be causing atoms in the gas surrounding the sun to move very quickly.
The faster the atoms in something move, the hotter it is. Thatís all heat isómoving atoms.
Itís very hard to study the sun, and scientists are still not entirely sure how magnetic force could produce heat,
or why the surface of the sun is not heated by the hot corona.
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