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Re: The ABC of the planets

Originally Posted by aquarius7000 View Post
This thread gives a very basic glimpse into Astrology in a simplified and fun manner through analogies.

Do you know your 'Sun or Zodiac sign'? Then you know that planets are the building blocks of Astrology.

The Sun: is like the front porch or verandah, maybe even the roof top of the house, whereunder all the rest happens. Now the life starts in the house, as others get a step closer to the house (= you, your basic being), but are still not inside (=they do not know all about you). Do I want to let them into my world? .....
These analogies require some fine tuning


Sun = Fiery

in fact so fiery that objects 93 million miles away on earth are warmed by our sun's heat


Front porch or verandah IS NOT the ideal place for fire of the Sun's nature


the roof is most definitely NOT a sensible place to locate a fire comparable to the Sun

However it's not unusual to find a fire heating a living room


to find Fire heating food in a kitchen
my two cents worth
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